English did too good for a pre-medieval, local Anglo-Scottish language. Today, it has achieved a special or official status in over 70 countries. Irrespective of the areas of a plethora of disciplines, the language has been able to establish a clear dominion over the world. Be it entertainment fields, science and research, business or data, English is the most common link which jots them all down together.

One of the most frequent and common modules of this language is speaking. That is one area where the non-native speakers – who do not speak English as their first tongue – lag behind. The upsurge of English as a global language makes it imminently necessary for people to learn to speak the language fluently. The perks of speaking English fluently are certain. It can be seen as an improvement in the personality of the speaker.

We, at World Migration Alliance (guess i got the name right ?) are committed to make you excel in English. Join our carefully brewed course for Spoken English and become a witness of your own upsurge as a fluent English speaker.

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