Why Canada?

Education quality

Canada is arguably one of the best educational site. A Canadian degree is of a great significance which is equivalent to the second to none. The combined efforts of the government and the universities ensure you a very fine education. The educational standards in the country are ever high and one definitely will enjoy alongside studying. Students can always avail glorious scholarships at the basis of their merits. This helps in getting a very good education at a minimal expense.

Research opportunities

It is beyond debate that research is one of the most significant components of graduation. The universities understand this very well and cheerfully support the students who come out with best research ideas.

Students who come up with interesting research ideas earn various scholarships. Students can do research in any field of their interest with the support of their lecturers in the university.

Employment opportunities

While you study in a university, you will even have the permission to take up part time jobs – both, on campus and off campus. Students are generally allowed to work 20 hours a week. There is no shortage in the abundance of part time jobs off campus. You don’t need a work permit to work on campus. Once the graduation is completed, skilled and knowledgeable students get placed easily in top companies. Placements are a part of graduation in some of the universities. There are a number of opportunities in technical domain, too.

Niche and environment

The country exhibits astonishing natural beauty and thus, anybody who stays is definite to have a wonderful time. The soothing natural spots of Canada await to be explored. Students can enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty of the country. The calmness and the cleanliness of the country enhances the beauty of Canada. Canada is indisputably safe and sound for international students. UN has been rating it as one of the safest places to live since past 8 year

Culture and values

Canada is an eye-catching destination and thus, it welcomes thousands of immigrants every year. It has lately been one of the most popular choices among the students who seek international education. Canada houses a very supportive population. Canadians, being very cheerful and friendly, help the new immigrants in adjusting to the new niche. They are excited to share their culture with others

Career opportunities

By studying in Canada, you take a big leap towards enhancing your dream career. International companies look for candidates who offer them with a different perspective – and that is what you develop in Canada.

A degree from a Canada university opens up a great range of opportunities before you. The experience from one of the universities in Canada is solely enough to earn you a positive reputation in the market.

Campus life and American culture

Another thing that matters is the niche which is provided at the place you choose to study at and how much it enhances you as a person.

Canada society sets an example for fun and freedom. College life in Canada is an extension to your personality. Universities have international students support offices to ensure better support and guidance to international students. And all of it ensures your overall well-being while you study.

How to apply?

Application process

Determine what you’d like to study and where. A directory of Canadian universities is a good place to begin with. After that, you should fill and online application for the respective University through their website.

You can visit the website and order a free prospectus. This helps in getting a better insight of University or college.

Application process is vary by province. In some provinces, students can apply through a central application service. And others, you must directly apply to the university.

Required documents

  1. Educational resume/ Curriculum vitae
  2. Passport photostat (first and last pages)
  3. Work experience letter (if applicable)
  4. Any other qualification certificate (attested by the graduation college if applicable)

NOTE: Two sets of documents are required per university – one for admission and one for scholarships. All the documents should be submitted in separate envelopes.

University selection criteria

  1. Courses offered
  2. Admission requirements
  3. Fees and accommodation
  4. Weather
  5. Safety
  6. Rate of acceptance
  7. Possibility of assistantship

Application procedure

  1. Application form
  2. Application fees
  3. Departmental forms
  4. Supplemental forms
  5. Mailing documents
  6. Application material
  7. Follow up of application status

Admission concerns

Test Score

  1. IELTS : Overall 6.5 bands (not less than 6 in any module) for Master’s program (Overall 6 bands for Undergraduate program)
  2. TOEFL : 80+ IBT
  3. GRE/ GMAT/ SAT : Depends upon university


  1. 10th marksheet
  2. 12th marksheet (Attested by the principal, in a sealed envelope)
  3. Degree individual marksheet
  4. Provisional and candidate certificate (Attested by the registrar of the university, in a sealed envelope)
  5. Course completion certificate (If the student is in final year)
  6. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  7. Three recommendation letters from HODs/ lecturers of the graduation college
  8. Bank statement for Rs. Fifteen Eighteen lakh on bank, letterhead (attested by the branch manager)
  9. Affidavit of support from the sponsor
  10. TOEFL/IELTS, SAT, GRE & GMAT scores report photo copy. Scores should be officially sent to the university through ETS.

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